Enhanced Athlete Derails False Allegations

Enhanced Athlete provides scientific shortcuts to building muscle, burning, fat, increasing performance by offering videos, guides, performance enhancers, and training. Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear make the team a complete one stop shop for performance products.


Enhanced Athlete is known for offering products that stimulate muscle growth and fat loss. With the proper coaching, workout routine, and workout enhancers, there have been some dramatic results. Enhanced Athlete recently won a lawsuit as well against a competitor that was accused of false advertising, but the courts found that there were no false claims about Enhanced Athlete’s programs and products.




  • Muscle Builders – The intent is to increase muscle and body weight, improve athletic performance, and to decrease percent body fat
  • Fat Burners – increases metabolic rate and consequently an increased rate in the burning of body fat and weight loss.
  • Performance Enhancers – used to improve any form of activity performance during a workout.
  • Coaching – to bring you results in the most economical way. Expect to put on mass and look the way you want.
  • Performance Gear – Offering performance gear for the Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete Vs. Nutrition Distribution

Nutrition Distribution said that it is at the top of the performance industry and the sales of the company’s products have fallen because of the advertising of products by its competitors. Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete to get retribution for lost sales over the last years and stated that many competitors are advertising products that were falsely claimed in which hurt the sales of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete went to court with a plan to ensure that the company offered proper products and services and that all claims are truthful.


During the trial, Enhanced Athlete was found that there were not advertised in a false manner any time during the marketing process. The Court’s decision found that Nutrition Distribution did not have an established connection between the marketing strategy and Nutrition Distribution’s lost sales. This relieved Enhanced Athlete from any allegations of false advertising and they continued business as normal as a major competitor in the performance-enhancing and coaching business.

How Jed McCaleb Sees The Financial Industry Changing Over The Next 10 Years

Blockchain is what makes digital currencies work. It’s a decentralized platform that keeps track of every transaction a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency makes. The blockchains can’t be altered and so they show precisely who owns what. Jed McCaleb is a veteran at using blockchain and a thought leader in the digital currency industry. He says that he thinks blockchain will completely alter the financial landscape within a decade.

Jed McCaleb says that he sees banks and stock markets embracing blockchain more and more as time goes on. He foresees a universal payment network which everyone can use. He says a lot of people can’t currently access the global banking industry which incredibly holds them back from fighting success in life. He sees this increasingly changing. He has even come up with a solution himself which is Stellar.

Stellar Development Foundation is an organization that Jed McCaleb co-founded in San Francisco in 2014. He is the chief technology officer of this organization and he says its a joy to go to work each day and work with incredibly smart people. He says that Stellar solves many of the problems other cryptocurrencies have, like bitcoin.

Many digital currencies have really long transaction settlement claims times. Jed McCaleb says that Stellar transactions take place in just five seconds at most which is a vast improvement and makes Stellar usable out in the real world, unlike bitcoin. Another really big improvement he made was that it’s easy to exchange Stellar with government-backed currencies. He says that IBM is now using the network he developed to enable some big banks to make cross-border payments easily and efficiently.

Jed McCaleb says that he expects at some point in the coming decade that stock markets and other equities will all be tokenized on a blockchain. This will all need to be handled in a decentralized manner, he says, because it would be too much data for any centrally controlled exchange to process. Some companies are already involved in this such as Securrency. This Maryland-headquartered firm is developing a platform which will give people a way to buy stocks with bitcoin, for example.

AvaTrade: A Retail Investment Trading Review

With a total value that has been know to reach as high as $60 million, AvaTrade has established itself as one of the top online trading platforms in the world in the 12 years since its founding. And it’s no wonder, with its seemingly never-ending list of tools, investment options, trading instruments and numerous other benefits to investors of all levels. The company, which was founded with the idea of creating the ultimate home for retail traders, is currently serving over 200,000 accounts that create over 2 million transactions every month.


AvaTrade is one of the few virtual retail trade platforms that offers a user interface that is friendly to trades of all expertise and experience levels. Clients are offered tech support 24 hours per day, five days per week, which is available in a multitude of languages for clients around the globe. Debit cards can be acquired from AvaTrade to quickly withdraw and access available funds, and the company has been know to offer sign-up incentives and bonuses as high as $10,000 to new and prospective customers. They even offer a free demo account, allowing clientele to test out the trading platform and practice trading before ever making a deposit.


Few retail trading brokers are as beginner friendly as AvaTrade, making it the perfect place for first-time investors and beginners, as well as those trying to increase their investing knowledge and strategies. The website offers both comprehensive education tools and resources and a market analysis to make sure investors of all skill levels are prepared before putting their money on the line.


AvaTrade is based in Ireland, but has regional offices and satellite sales locations in major cities across the globe. They are regulated by financial and regulating institutions such as the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the Commodities Futures Association of Japan and the Financial Services Commission. This combined with their superior customer support, easily navigated website and beginner-friendly investing tools has created a reputable and reliable online trading site for investors of all ages and experience levels.

The Oxford Club Helps Their Members Invest Strategically

The Oxford Club has demonstrated a strong pattern of growth since their founding in 1989 and they equip their members for great success in the marketplace. This international group of private investors and entrepreneurs shine a spotlight on the most lucrative investment ideas with their research.

The original premise of the club was to develop strong networks of highly placed individuals with expertise in various markets to capitalize on industry-specific knowledge. They have grown exponentially and now employ talented professionals who are experts in markets and research abilities.

The Oxford Club’s researchers produce highly rated newsletters and trading services. With their breadth of market knowledge, they can help members invest successfully who may be pressed for time in their busy lives. The opportunity to earn life-changing wealth with investments lies within the grasp of all their members as they access various products.

The Chief Strategist of The Oxford Club is Alexander Green who is a best-selling author with a tremendous knowledge of markets and investing. He offers his unique insights with their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. He also pens the popular essay series called Beyond Wealth where he initiates conversations on politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living.

The trading services is another avenue in which members can prosper as they avail themselves of market-beating research. The Insider Alert is focused on corporate happenings and allows members to invest in profitable opportunities that are unique in nature. Of course, it’s all legal and above board.

Investment U is another valuable resource that The Oxford Club offers and it is their educational arm that was founded in 1999. They offer timely answers to the question of financial freedom that should concern all of us. The courses, conferences, and videos that they offer can be a difference maker in one’s portfolio.

The Oxford Club is truly a global concern as they have members in 131 countries and seek to help each one of them realize financial independence. They also strive to look for opportunities that are outside the mainstream and with the greatest potential. Their numbers have grown over the years and they have more than 157,000 members around the world.

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NGP Van Offers Tips To Alleviate End-Of-Quarter Stress

Anybody who has ever worked on a political campaign knows about the pressure filled moments that define the end-of-quarter push. Candidates are getting antsy, fundraisers are hard at work, and the field team is making due with what they’ve got — it can be an incredibly stress filled time but luckily NGP Van, the leading software provider for nearly every major Democratic campaign, has offered up some tips that they’ve seen work for campaigns.

First off, make sure to plan ahead. This may seem like an obvious one, but having a stash of fundraising e-mails ready to go for end-of-quarter will alleviate a ton of stress. The ability to tell a candidate that there are e-mails ready and all they have to do is press send will calm their nerves quite a bit. Plus, you don’t run the risk of getting burnt out of e-mail ideas right before the end of the quarter.

To build off that, always make sure to write in advance. NGP Van has worked with hundreds of campaigns and the most successful ones tend to have e-mail strategists working weeks in advance. Not only will your e-mails have a more organic feel, you won’t be feeling that dreaded, sinking feeling of knowing you need to come up with content out of thin air.

Thirdly, organization is obviously difficult to pull off on the long hours of a political campaign. But taking even just an hour to slap together a master “End-of-Quarter” calendar will do wonders for your campaign (and your sanity!).

Last but not least, make sure to give yourself a little bit of a celebration once the quarter is over. Take it from the folks at NGP Van, who offer free beer to employees at the end of the day on Friday’s, a campaign staff that feels appreciated will be willing to go the extra mile for you again and again.

These tips from NGP Van are truly coming from the best of the best. With dozens of employees and a relatively new MiniVan program that allows canvassers to use their phone or tablet, NGP Van can truly be the missing piece in your campaign.

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Clay Houston: Implementing The Best Tech To Deliver Superior Sound And Performance Quality

Working as a tour manager and sound engineer together might be a hard task for some, but for Clay Houston, it’s all in a day’s work. As the head of his own live event management company, Houston has been offering top-tier services to artists across the country. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the music business. One of the most recent tours that he was part of was the Arron Lewis tour. He has worked for live shows, not just in America, but in Europe and Australia as well.




Before working as the lead at his own live event management company, Houston served as a monitor engineer. He was incredibly skilled at what he did and had a huge impact on the people that he worked with. During this time, he also gained a number of new clients and got in touch with several future ones. After working for a considerable amount of time in this position, he decided to branch out and be his own boss. Even though starting out his own business seemed like a risky deed, Clay Houston knew that it was the route that he wanted to take.




One of the things that set Houston apart from other live event managers is his incredible skill when it comes to sound engineering. Having an incredible passion for hardware and tech, Houston has been able to implement some of the newest systems for the production of the recent shows that he was a part of. This new tech improved the overall sound quality of the show, as well as the performance quality as a whole.




Technology plays an important role in the work that Houston takes on. It is his main tools to be able to bring ideas to life, especially when it comes to the music that he produces. He makes use of a mix of software, programs, and equipment to put forth a sound design like no other.




Perfecting every task that he partakes in is something that Houston firmly believes in. Because of the industry that he works in, one’s reputation is everything, and therefore it is essential to analyze one’s self and business and correct the wrongs that might come their way. Through these ideas and principals, Houston has been able to gain the trust of several well-known artists and performers who all depend on the services that he provides to put forth a good show for their audience. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8799240/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jim Larkin’s Legacy Grows In The Decades After His Death

The trade union legend, Jim Larkin is now seen as one of the most important members of the trade union movement s his manifesto for the launch of the Irish Labour Party includes many of the rights workers now claim automatically in the 21st-century.

Despite the success he achieved as a trade union organizer and the leader of a newly established political party, Jim Larkin was once almost scrubbed from the annals of history because of a misunderstanding of his goals by a group of Irish newspaper owners.

Jim Larkin had already found himself a target for retribution from his own trade union leaders in his home city of Liverpool who did not appreciate his work as an organizer for the National Dock Laborers Union in 1905 and 1906.

By 1907, the trade union movement in England had effectively banished Larkin to the docks of Dublin where a low percentage of workers were members of any union; the low percentage of workers involved in union activities was seen as a challenge by Larkin as he set out to build a new union from the ground up, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

Despite his best efforts, Larkin struggled to find a clear path for the union to take before the 1913 Dublin Lockout which saw an eight-month strike by more than 100,000 workers drew attention to the work of the Liverpool-born union leader. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Biography

Unlike many of his fellow socialists in the trade union movement, Jim Larkin understood the economic aspects of the decisions his union made; a good example of this was the refusal of Larkin to use violence to intimidate strikebreakers as he wished to ensure all businesses remained open during strikes to make sure all union members had jobs to return to after a strike was completed.

Jim Larkin’s place in history alongside his fellow Irish Labour Party founder, James Connolly seemed to have been lost when he arrived in the U.S. in 1914 and was not present at the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.

Connolly’s death made him a martyr of the freedom movement but Larkin’s work to create a better working framework for Irish workers would eventually see him applauded by scholars and political experts alike.

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US Money Reserve, Inc. Lays Out Effects Of Inflation

Inflation is something we hear about all of the time but may not fully understand. It can have very pertinent effects on our spending habits and if it is not taken into account when making long term financial decisions, it may serve as a very negative realization far down the road. Inflation, put most simply, is the gradual rise is the cost of goods and services over time. If it creeps up too quickly, you can see demand for a certain product fall almost overnight. If it doesn’t rise fast enough, you can see wage stagnation over time. For ease of discussion however, it is generally accepted among consumers that inflation is a negative thing because it means more money will be coming out of their pocket tomorrow for the same products that they were buying for a cheaper price yesterday. In essence, your buying power in the market has gone down because the cost of goods has gone up while your annual income has remained the same. A higher percentage of your paycheck each week or month will have to go to necessities thus leaving far less for things like savings and non essential or “fun” purchases. Also, retirement can become a much cloudier conversation if inflation takes too big of a toll on your savings. As you grow older the cost of things will typically rise so the value you were shooting to save for retirement 20 years ago may be far less than you’ll actually find yourself in need of to retire in the manner that you wish to or are accustomed to living. Last, but certainly not least significant, is that inflation tends to drive up interest rates. This means that when you go to look for a loan to buy a new house or a new car, you will end up paying far more money back to the lending institution in the long term.


US Money Reserve, Inc. seeks to provide their clients the highest quality precious metals to be part of their investment portfolios. They offer standardized United States government issued precious metal coins to both mitigate their investment risk and diversify the portfolios of their clients. Their team of experts is happy to answer any questions you may have about the investment. If you are seeking to make precious metals which are a tangible investment that will always hold value, then be sure to seek further information about US Money Reserve, Inc.


Michael Lacey: Master Mathematician

Michael Lacey’s mathematical career began with his childhood love of puzzles and has led him to a career of being a Full Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As well as being a professor, he is also a mentor and a researcher at heart. The VIGRE and MCTP awards that he has directed have helped dozens of students and mathematicians. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey and https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

These awards are training grants by the National Science Foundation and are given to students from undergraduate to post-doctorate levels. Many of the students he has mentored have earned fantastic jobs in the industry and academia. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He earned his B.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Univesity of Texas in 1981 and the University of Illinois in 1987. His doctorates was guided by Walter Philipp, with whom he completed his thesis on Banach Spaces. Banach spaces are completed normed vector spaces first studied by Polish mathematician Stefan Bach in the early 1920’s.

After earning a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation in 1989, he began studying the bilinear Hilbert transform. The work he did with Christoph Thiele on the subject earned the pair the Salem Prize in 1996. At the time, Michael Lacey held the position of assistant professor at Indiana University.

In 1996, Michael Lacey became an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This position became a Full Professorship in 2001. Michael Lacey still holds this position today and as of 2017 is the Associate Chair for Faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Guggenheim Fellow was awarded to Lacey in 2004, this award is only given to 2 to 4 mathematicians each year. He has ad fellowships through Fulbright, the Simons Foundation, and the American Mathematical Society.

Michael Lacey has given presentations around the world and is frequently asked to speak at universities throughout the United States.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Was Built And Is Now Battling Amazon

Many marketing experts and business magazines were a bit surprised a few years ago when women’s athletic wear company Fabletics announced that they were moving into brick and mortar stores in addition to being an e-commerce company. In a day in which Macy’s, Dillards, American Eagle Outfitters and other retailers are struggling to survive with Amazon’s fashion domination, conventional wisdom would say brick and mortar stores are coming to an end. That may only be partially true because while consumers love the choices that shopping online gives them, those that go fashion shopping say they still want to get items the same day and try them on before buying. What Fabletics has done is start online first and emphasize getting memberships at their company, and their brick and mortar stores basically are an extension of their online shopping. It’s this reverse showroom type of shopping that may be what’s needed to compete with tech-based fashion retailers.


Kate Hudson, the main owner of Fabletics may not come across as a business kind of woman, and the truth is her professional career had solely been in acting prior to buying a stake in Fabletics. It was Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the CEOs of JustFab and now Techstyle Fashion Group who wanted a women’s athletic brand as part of their company but wanted Hudson to run it. Hudson’s laid back personality, healthy lifestyle and belief in making all things authentic were what prompted Ressler and Goldenberg to ask her to run Fabletics. They promised to share resources and funding with the company while still giving Hudson and her staff independence to run it, and Hudson eagerly accepted the offer.


Kate Hudson has done several things over the years that has helped the company grow. She’s been at the Fabletics headquarters often both testing and experimenting with designs, and also getting social media marketing campaigns out there. She’s also looked at customer reviews of Fabletics products and customer service, and she realized she needed to make signing up to become a member easier, and to improve on customer service communication. As those aspects improved, Fabletics started seeing explosive growth to becoming a major billion-dollar company. Part of what makes Fabletics work is using big data to improve the shopping experience, and also having all-inclusive sizes in their inventory. Hudson says that Fabletics should be about making every woman no matter their size feel empowered when wearing Fabletics apparel. You can learn more about the Fabletics brand by going to Fabletics.com, taking the lifestyle quiz and signing up.

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