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Kim Dao is a blogger, You-Tube content creator and influencer of social media. Her career began humbly and simply as essentially a diary of her very first trip to Japan, the country that is now her home She is a native born Australian and while being educated at the University of Western Australia she made her initial trip to Japan.
As she posted her journal of her trip, more and more people began to read it and Kim Dao’s trip through Japan became known to the internet as more ad more people began to read it for entertainment as well as for a description of the land from the perspective of a foreign traveler.
Kim Dao’s journey began as a digital keepsake of a journey and then blossomed into a full fledged career for Kim Dao which allows her to do what she loves most: travel the country and discuss her opinions of things such as popular culture, fashion and makeup.
As her viewer base grew she also began to utilize social media more and more as well as publishing You-Tube videos for another method of communicating with her viewers. Throughout her journeys, both physical and commercial, Kim Dao has had the opportunity to work with many brands and companies as well as being featured by Japanese television in addition to Australian media organizations.
One of the things that sets Kim Dao apart from the herd is her ability to listen and communicate effectively with her viewer base and in then able to really give them the media content they want. This is the very thing that sets Kim Dao apart and allows her to stand out. Learn more:

Kim Dao Shares 50 Tips For People Visiting Osaka

Osaka (Japanese: 大阪) is the third largest city in Japan. It’s also one of the most popular cities for foreigners to visit. If you want to find out the absolute best things to do in this electrifying city, check out Kim Dao’s latest video “50 Things to do in JAPAN, OSAKA | Osaka Travel Guide.


As you could tell from the title, Kim Dao goes over her top 50 recommendations for things to do when you visit Osaka. She says this video will cover the top touristy sites, restaurants, and shopping centers in the city. Learn more:


Kim’s first tip is to walk down Shinsaibashi and shop till you drop. Kim Dao says this is the absolute best street to shop for Japanese goods.


Next, Kim Dao says you should visit the Amerikamura area. There are numerous stores in this area selling both vintage goods and American-made products.


If you’re feeling a bit hungry, why not try a cheesecake at Pablo Dotonbori? Kim Dao says the food items at this restaurant are both light and delicious.


Kim Dao says the main tourist district in the city is Dotonbori. Not only will you find tons of shops here, you’ll also get to try some of the best street food in the city. Kim Dao recommends trying takoyaki (fried octopus meat) while here. Learn more:


For some more shopping, check out the underground mall Namba, the Tennoji mall, and the convenience store Don Quijote. After you’re done shopping, Kim recommends getting a meat bun from Horai 551.


A few other areas Kim Dao suggests visiting in this video include Abeno Harukas, Den Den Town, Osaka Castle, and Universal Studios Japan. She also recommends taking day trips to Kyoto and/or Kobe. Learn more: