Squaw Valley Issues Water Contamination Statement

Recently, Squaw Valley issued a public statement regarding a breach of their water system that allowed contaminated water to seep into their mountain water system. The contamination was from coliform bacteria and E. coli. The upper mountain of the ski resort was the only area that was affected. The initial report came in on November 8 and was reported by the ski resort themselves. They do regular testing on the water system to detect any contamination so that they can accurately inform everyone to prevent illness. As soon as they detected the contamination they alerted the Placer County Department of Health. All of the restaurants in the contaminated area were closed and guests were provided clean bottled drinking water until the issue can be resolved.


The rain overtook the water system allowing the bacteria to infiltrate the water system on the upper mountain. Although the water is not safe to drink, activities such as skiing are still allowed without restrictions. Recent tests did not detect coliform and there were minimal levels of E. coli, but they refuse to allow visitors and the restaurants to use the water from the water systems until they are completely clear of all contamination. Squaw Valley regrets any inconvenience that the unfortunate incident may have caused their guest, but they are working hard to eliminate the situation and return to normal operations.