Mr. Norman Pattiz – A Great Career in Broadcasting

Mr. Norman Pattiz who is the Executive Chairman of Podcast One revealed the outcomes of complete studies seeing the results of some of the advertising tests with five main national customer brands in the service class. There was a study conducted by the pre and post campaign for the different podcast advertisers in the year 2016. It had a significant effect on the podcast advertising.

Some of the important things that came out of the study were that at least 60 percent of the listeners had a particular campaign for grocery brand post. The knowledge of the product enhanced from the prestudy to post study by at least forty-seven percent.

The knowledge of a particular campaign for an automobile product improved by at least 60 percent and for a dining restaurant by 76 percent. Some distinct studies were there in the Edison research on behalf of PodCast One to know the impact of podcast advertising for the five brands.

The brands are highly renowned. There were some online surveys done for many of the podcasts before the podcast advertising campaigns. The studies revealed that the audiences in the podcast were open-minded to the various brand messages. There was a readiness to buy those brands. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The primary focus is to do the verification that the podcast gives to increase the effect of the brand that is beyond the conventional advertising styles. The outcomes make the viewpoint valid to evaluation and publicity. Mr. Tom Webster remarked that he was enthralled to have the partnership with PodcastOne and also the five brands to gauge the effect of podcast advertising.

Our techniques have us to review the patrons before and after the functioning of the campaigns. We can exhibit that podcast advertising has a significant effect on many important initiatives. PodcastOne is considered to be the most reputed advertising podcast system. It has been discovered by Mr. Norman Pattiz. He is the founder of radio giant Westwood One. This network has got more than 340 hours of programming every week.

Westwood One has become the biggest facilitator of sports, news, entertainment to the broadcast arena under the leadership of Mr. Norman Pattiz. Westwood One has managed and owned the NBC radio networks and also CNN Radio, NFL Football, March Madness and Super Bowl.

Mr. Norman Pattiz began the Courtside Entertainment Group to facilitate high-quality programming. Mr. Pattiz started Podcast One at the end of the year 2012. His firm became a great producer in audio on-demand programming.

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