Clay Houston: Implementing The Best Tech To Deliver Superior Sound And Performance Quality

Working as a tour manager and sound engineer together might be a hard task for some, but for Clay Houston, it’s all in a day’s work. As the head of his own live event management company, Houston has been offering top-tier services to artists across the country. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the music business. One of the most recent tours that he was part of was the Arron Lewis tour. He has worked for live shows, not just in America, but in Europe and Australia as well.




Before working as the lead at his own live event management company, Houston served as a monitor engineer. He was incredibly skilled at what he did and had a huge impact on the people that he worked with. During this time, he also gained a number of new clients and got in touch with several future ones. After working for a considerable amount of time in this position, he decided to branch out and be his own boss. Even though starting out his own business seemed like a risky deed, Clay Houston knew that it was the route that he wanted to take.




One of the things that set Houston apart from other live event managers is his incredible skill when it comes to sound engineering. Having an incredible passion for hardware and tech, Houston has been able to implement some of the newest systems for the production of the recent shows that he was a part of. This new tech improved the overall sound quality of the show, as well as the performance quality as a whole.




Technology plays an important role in the work that Houston takes on. It is his main tools to be able to bring ideas to life, especially when it comes to the music that he produces. He makes use of a mix of software, programs, and equipment to put forth a sound design like no other.




Perfecting every task that he partakes in is something that Houston firmly believes in. Because of the industry that he works in, one’s reputation is everything, and therefore it is essential to analyze one’s self and business and correct the wrongs that might come their way. Through these ideas and principals, Houston has been able to gain the trust of several well-known artists and performers who all depend on the services that he provides to put forth a good show for their audience. Learn more: