Jeffrey Aronin Makes the Biotech Industry In Chicago MATTER

Chicago has become one of the top hubs for biotechnology in the United States and the city may have Jeffrey Aronin and MATTER to thank for part of it. Jeffrey Aronin founded MATTER 3 years ago with the mission to provide startups with what they need to solve problems in healthcare. By bringing together executives, investors, and experts in healthcare, these startups are able to connect with who they need and collaborate on projects that can advance the industry. MATTER wants to help innovation happen faster.


Jeffrey Aronin’s MATTER is based in the Merchandise Mart of Chicago in a 25,000 square foot office. The space was designed to facilitate the ideas and goals of MATTER. There are specialty healthcare environments, learning areas, meeting spaces, and workspace in the MATTER headquarters that are meant to collaboration and communication.


By creating a community of like-minded people, Jeffrey Aronin is inspiring innovators to solve the challenges presented in healthcare. In order to help the professionals involved with matter up to date on the newest changes in health, there are panels, speakers, and chats that take place regularly at MATTER. By providing these startups with access to the professionals in the MATTER network, they are being empowered to go after their visions and create solutions.


The founder of MATTER is one of the biggest influencers in the healthcare industry. Jeffrey Aronin has 25 years of experience that he brings to the table working in biotech and healthcare. He wants Chicago to do what it takes to lead the biotech industry into the future. Chicago already has an impressive network of universities, hospitals, and companies that will help it accomplish these goals.


Jeffrey Aronin is the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences in addition to his work with MATTER. Paragon is dedicated to developing novel treatments for illnesses without many options available. On the board of MATTER, Jeffrey Aronin serves as the co-chairman along with his duties as founder of the organization. For Aronin, seeing the difference that he is able to make in patients’ lives first-hand makes all of the hard work worth it.

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