Vijay Eswaran: How Has He Risen To Become Successful

With nothing more than unfaltering perseverance and blind ambition, Vijay Eswaran set out to establish his eminence as an entrepreneur. While he forecasted the arrival of setbacks, the onslaught of stumbling blocks that impeded his journey to success proved nearly debilitating. When Eswaran embarked on his entrepreneurial enterprises, little had faith in his endeavors. Lacking both the connections and wherewithal to make it big in the industry, Eswaran was forced to harness his tenacious disposition in the name of pursuing greatness. In a stunning turn of events, Eswaran managed to make a reputable name for himself. Unfortunately, the last of his mishaps were not behind him.

As Eswaran was mushrooming in his trade, his former partners were keen to besmirch his reputation. His old colleagues filed a shareholder dispute, subsequently leading to the unlawful incarceration of both Eswaran and his current business partner. Like clockwork, the good Eswaran name was promptly sullied, leaving Eswaran despondent and woefully helpless. Though Eswaran continues to catch flack for the imprisonment he underwent seven years ago, his status as a renowned businessman was eventually restored. As of late, Eswaran dedicates much of his time to the company he founded, QI Group of Companies.

Eswaran’s enterprise centers around retail, financial services, direct selling, education and hospitality affairs and simultaneously governs international handlings of these facets of business. According to Eswaran, he’s managed to remain so fruitful because he welcomes ideas from fellow entrepreneurs. Eswaran claims that “the more people he talks to, the better.” By picking people’s brains, Eswaran accumulates a dynamic portfolio of user habits, behaviors, and whims. What’s more, Eswaran maintains that his “sphere of silence” fuels his efforts and makes him productive. Given his enduring success, it would be prudent for budding entrepreneurs to avail themselves of Eswaran’s pearls of wisdom.