Rocketship Education’s Approach to Learning.

Rocketship Education is located in San Jose. The program entails a chain of schools that provide K-5 College and K-5 prep charter schools. The school consists of at least four hundred and fifty students in each Chatter according to the school’s records until 2012. This school has done well over the years until a while ago in the year 2016 where a critique raised a few strong questioned directed to the school’s credibility. The questions were focused on the educators and the heads of the schools, basically, the board of governors. There were questions about the teaching approaches. This specific issue was addressed by the school thus expressing that the educators are given the responsibility to grow leaders and make them not only good but good enough thus valuing each and every student. The issues raised by the critic involved:

  1. The Classroom Management

The question at hand was lack of bathroom breaks and enforced silent time. An educator is tasked with the responsibility of providing clear guidelines that govern the classroom. In order to produce good results, proper discipline should be maintained. There are clear policies addressing these practices and every school provides a different approach to routines, self-discipline, school culture to mention a few. Without these kinds of organizations and routines practiced at Rocketship Education, the classroom is subjected to chaos.

  1. The Use of Technology

The kind of Technology that is used is the giant in the room. That kind of Tech suits what kind of child. The issue has never been on the minutes, seconds or hours spent on the screen. The most critical part is what the student learns within the specified time frame. One of the programs under technology is providing a component instruction. This Involves the educator frequently using data to summon small groups thus customizing their teachings and saves on time. This approach enables the educator to reach every student including the neediest. This is just one of the methods at Rocketship Education and has proven effective.

  1. Intervention

This was another key question raised. The question at hand was whether uncertified teachers were coaching students through these programs. I think the real question at hand is how the teacher spends his or her time with the student. The role of a teacher according to Rocketship Education is pegged on each of their unique talents