Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Breast Augmentation Process

If you are a woman looking to get enhancements done to your body, you have options. If cosmetic surgery is what you are looking for and you do not feel comfortable talking to a man about it, there are women who specialize in plastic surgery. If you live in Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the one you want to see. She can understand your plight better because she is female and can help you find the right solution that will fit your body and give you the best results.

When becoming a candidate for the breast augmentation process, you have to understand a few things. There are two types of implants you can use. Saline is one while silicone is the other. Both are safe and you will find yourself liking the results afterward. You need a thorough exam to determine what your health risks are. If you smoke or have any other habits that will not cause your surgery to go well, it would not be wise to carry on the surgery. However, if you are healthy and just want to perk your breast back up after breastfeeding all of your children. You can look your best again and enjoy it. Who says you can’t be a hot mama just because you have children? The cool thing is that Dr. Walden is not judgemental because she has used some the services herself.

If you are looking to get breast augmentation done, Dr. Walden is the cosmetic surgeon of choice. She will have you liking beautiful again and you are going love what you see. The surgery is minimally evasive. Most of the inserts are under the breast area and has less scarring. This is a good thing as you do not want is unsightly scars appearing with your beautiful look. Dr. Walden is a pro when it comes to this surgery, so give her a call and let her help you achieve the look you want. You will not regret it, and you will see why so many women love her work. Make your appointment right now.

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Enhanced Athlete Derails False Allegations

Enhanced Athlete provides scientific shortcuts to building muscle, burning, fat, increasing performance by offering videos, guides, performance enhancers, and training. Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear make the team a complete one stop shop for performance products.


Enhanced Athlete is known for offering products that stimulate muscle growth and fat loss. With the proper coaching, workout routine, and workout enhancers, there have been some dramatic results. Enhanced Athlete recently won a lawsuit as well against a competitor that was accused of false advertising, but the courts found that there were no false claims about Enhanced Athlete’s programs and products.




  • Muscle Builders – The intent is to increase muscle and body weight, improve athletic performance, and to decrease percent body fat
  • Fat Burners – increases metabolic rate and consequently an increased rate in the burning of body fat and weight loss.
  • Performance Enhancers – used to improve any form of activity performance during a workout.
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  • Performance Gear – Offering performance gear for the Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete Vs. Nutrition Distribution

Nutrition Distribution said that it is at the top of the performance industry and the sales of the company’s products have fallen because of the advertising of products by its competitors. Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete to get retribution for lost sales over the last years and stated that many competitors are advertising products that were falsely claimed in which hurt the sales of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete went to court with a plan to ensure that the company offered proper products and services and that all claims are truthful.


During the trial, Enhanced Athlete was found that there were not advertised in a false manner any time during the marketing process. The Court’s decision found that Nutrition Distribution did not have an established connection between the marketing strategy and Nutrition Distribution’s lost sales. This relieved Enhanced Athlete from any allegations of false advertising and they continued business as normal as a major competitor in the performance-enhancing and coaching business.