Around The Corner and Around The World: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a part of the OSI Group. The company is responsible for the processing and packing of meat and other products for the food service industry. The company began in 1909 as Otto and Sons. Over the years the company steadily grew and in the 1950s the company was the best meat processor for the burger chain McDonald’s. Over the next couple of decades, new processes came into being that made the process of freezing and processing meat much easier. Now the company has begun to make an impact on a worldwide as well as a local basis.

The first thing that OSI Food Solutions did was to work on a local scale. The company bought a Tyson Food plant in 2016 for a little more than seven million dollars. This means that the company can provide work for local people and the food processing facility is close to other OSI properties. This will make it much easier for the company to get local food out to customers in a quick fashion and provide jobs for local people.OSI Food Solutions has also expanded in the European and British markets as well. The European market was next on the list. Later on, in 2016, OSI bought a Dutch company known as Baho Foods.

This purchase allowed the company to get a leg up in the European market.Baho Foods is known for convenience food and snacks for the retail and service markets. OSi can now have a presence in the European market and deliver quality brand product to their clients.The last thing that OSI Food Solutions did was buy Flagship Europe. This allows the company to cater directly to the British market with frozen food, sauces, and mayonnaise. This helps the company continue to have a presence all over the world and the United States.OSI Food Solutions is making not only an impact in the local cities that they serve but they are making a positive impression around the world as well. By making and delivering high quality food for a low cost the company will stay well ahead of the competition.

The Basics Of Entrepreneurship Success By Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has established himself as one of the most successful business persons in Brazil. His investments include CVC–a tour company–and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Paulus’ skills in entrepreneurship have enabled his tour company to gain global recognition as the largest and most efficient tour operator in South America. He has contributed to the community significantly through the creation of employment to many people.

Guilherme Paulus is always grateful to his accomplishments and acknowledges that strategic planning and scheduling of activities helps him to evaluate his opportunities and make informed decisions on the things to prioritize. He attributes his success in entrepreneurship to having great desire to implement his ideas without the fear of speculation.

Guilherme Paulus also stresses the merits of technology and internet in the current world of business. He says that technology has helped the business people to understand consumer tastes and preferences well and, hence, they can cope with the new trends to meet the consumers’ demands. The successful businessman advises new entrants in business to seek sufficient information about the management of companies from professionals to have a clear roadmap in setting a successful enterprise.

Guilherme attributes his success in entrepreneurship to the zeal, passion, and motivation he had to satisfy his customers’ needs and wants. His careful analysis of the marketing strategies to utilize has also helped him significantly while also conducting market research using the latest technology. Guilherme values the idea of corporate social responsibility. He has led his company in giving back to the society through the provision of sponsorship to children. The PIET project sponsored by his company also promotes education through the provision of education scholarship to disadvantaged youths with the passion for working in the hospitality industry.

Guilherme Paulus is globally recognized as an outstanding professional in the world of business. He has earned recognition from various stakeholders in the tourism sector including the government of Brazil. Guilherme plans to expand the operations of CVC and hotel resorts to reach many customers. The president of CVC announced recently the purchase of two tour companies in Argentina to scale up sales revenue and expand operations in South America. The acquisition of the two companies lists CVC among the top five tour companies in Argentina.

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The Rebirth of Papa John’s Pizza Company

Trust of the customers is the key to a business’ success. To win back the customers requires a lot. Rebranding the services offered in a company is vital when it loses its customers. Good relations with employee have a positive impact on the customers’ feelings. Steve Ritchie assured an improvement after a decline in the store sales, profit, and the earning from the shares. Despite Papa John’s Pizza Company continues facing challenges, Steve Ritchie is optimistic and will take advantage of the opportunity ahead.

Steve Ritchie, the new Papa John’s CEO, stated that the perception of the customers is changing to positive side according to the data from the research that was done in September. The pizza-based company has managed to open three hundred stores in the previous year. This is a 10% increase in total international sales despite a sharp decline in the North America store sales.

The Louisville based Pizza Company is focusing on appointing the new executive. Steve Ritchie said it would help to get back and fully focus on its customers. Papa John Company has added the duties and the responsibilities. These duties are primarily centered on the customers’ interest. Steve Ritchie’s core focus is to ensure customers’ satisfaction is meant.

The new executive will also ensure the company is embracing the sophisticated technology, the customer taste, and preference, branding of the product through innovation and menu strategy. Steve Ritchie has said that the company has five strategic priorities to regain its glory. The company will focus on promoting their product by emphasizing the need for the consumer to buy their unique product by publishing quality new stories to reach them.

Lowering the price of the pizza will make it available to more customers and penetrate the market. Steve Ritchie said advancement in technology, digital sales, and operational efficiency would rise. The Louisville pizza company’s economic unit improvement through making changes in store will improve the efficiency and revenue. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s said they would continue to invest in their employees to attract and retain them. Steve Ritchie is determined to move the pizza company forward.

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Felipe Montoro Jens’ Insights on Sustainable Projects

Internationally, Brazil has the 7th largest economy in the world and the first in Latin America. The CEO of Odebrecht Properties, Felipe Montoro Jens, has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The CEO has outlined efforts in the well-utilization of public-private partnerships for the implementation of projects and work across the South-American country. Pernambuco, Bahia, and Maranhao have been amongst the ones who have utilized their cash resources and time to invest in their projects. For example, Maranhao strives at building four projects by the onset of the year 2019 while Bahia currently works on constructing a public-privately owned Light Rail Vehicle by the end of 2030. This project will positively impact the lives of 1 million people across the country. Apart from that Felipe Montoro talked about the planned internet connectivity in Piaui. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Currently, there is a fiber optic cables installation project in the country. The project also seeks to install 1500 access points across Brazil. The access points will provide internet connectivity to 2 million people in the country. Several international organizations like the World and Inter-American Banks have come together to fund the projects in the country.

Over the last few years, the country has witnessed economic crises. Felipe Montoro Jens has reviewed and reported on some of the infrastructure projects in the nation. However, there are other projects whose executions have failed. Mostly, economic issues are the reasons behind these failures.

The CEO has taken up critical roles in some of the global institutions like Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Enron. His skills and work ethics have allowed him to help these companies grow. As witnessed, he has shown interests in working with large-scale projects to improve the economy of the country and the lives of Brazilians. His use of cost-effective solutions for problems has helped the companies he has served compete in the business field.



Chinese Retail Giant,, Gains A Bigger Bite Of The Asian Market Apple By Gaining A Partner in Thailand’s “Central Group”

Created by its founder and CEO, Qiangdong Liu, in 2004, Jingdong, or Jīngdōng(Chinese: 京东; pinyin,) has also been called 360buy, and most recently, Americanized, or otherwise, the terms all refer to a megastar in the Chinese retail market., which originally sold electronics and now has a far wider array of offerings, reaches its consumers via online sales. enjoys a giant foothold in Asia, covering more than 50% of the Chinese market already. By recently aligning itself with Thailand’s retail conglomerate, “Central Group,” it’s poised to expand exponentially throughout Southeast Asia. Central Group umbrellas a host of diverse investments in corporations with complementary industries and is a recognized leader in the realms of real-estate development, hospitality, food and beverage and brand management.

In 2014, had 97 warehouses, nearly 2000 delivery stations and over 700 pickup stations. Leveraging their strengths under Qiangdong Liu’s financial expertise, the company had developed a proprietary, scalable technology platform. With over 60,000 full-time staff members the company had acquired a reputation for speedy, reliable and often next-day delivery. Today, Jingdong, or, is even larger. Moreover, with its new partnership with Central Group, a new entity is emerging. The amalgamation of the two Asian behemoths has birthed the giant e-commerce platform, JD Central. Tested for operations in June, the new platform sprung into being in September of 2018. The new business features both direct sales and marketplace models.

Besides electronics and digital equipment, the venue affords consumers an array of options in cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, processed foods, fashions, home goods and appliances, books, music and more. Sales have already passed the hopes of investors, with 80% of users accessing the site through mobile means. High-profile, popular Chinese brands are making a splash, including OnePlus, Lenovo and Xiaomi. Under Qiangdong Liu’s savvy leadership, JD Central will utilize those hallmark strengths already renowned in, including technological expertise and a well-devised system of supply and delivery. By securing partnerships with local delivery services, the expectation is that the new platform will shortly offer nationwide coverage and next-day service to its newly acquired Thai consumers.

The Oxford Club Helps Their Members Invest Strategically

The Oxford Club has demonstrated a strong pattern of growth since their founding in 1989 and they equip their members for great success in the marketplace. This international group of private investors and entrepreneurs shine a spotlight on the most lucrative investment ideas with their research.

The original premise of the club was to develop strong networks of highly placed individuals with expertise in various markets to capitalize on industry-specific knowledge. They have grown exponentially and now employ talented professionals who are experts in markets and research abilities.

The Oxford Club’s researchers produce highly rated newsletters and trading services. With their breadth of market knowledge, they can help members invest successfully who may be pressed for time in their busy lives. The opportunity to earn life-changing wealth with investments lies within the grasp of all their members as they access various products.

The Chief Strategist of The Oxford Club is Alexander Green who is a best-selling author with a tremendous knowledge of markets and investing. He offers his unique insights with their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. He also pens the popular essay series called Beyond Wealth where he initiates conversations on politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living.

The trading services is another avenue in which members can prosper as they avail themselves of market-beating research. The Insider Alert is focused on corporate happenings and allows members to invest in profitable opportunities that are unique in nature. Of course, it’s all legal and above board.

Investment U is another valuable resource that The Oxford Club offers and it is their educational arm that was founded in 1999. They offer timely answers to the question of financial freedom that should concern all of us. The courses, conferences, and videos that they offer can be a difference maker in one’s portfolio.

The Oxford Club is truly a global concern as they have members in 131 countries and seek to help each one of them realize financial independence. They also strive to look for opportunities that are outside the mainstream and with the greatest potential. Their numbers have grown over the years and they have more than 157,000 members around the world.

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NGP Van Offers Tips To Alleviate End-Of-Quarter Stress

Anybody who has ever worked on a political campaign knows about the pressure filled moments that define the end-of-quarter push. Candidates are getting antsy, fundraisers are hard at work, and the field team is making due with what they’ve got — it can be an incredibly stress filled time but luckily NGP Van, the leading software provider for nearly every major Democratic campaign, has offered up some tips that they’ve seen work for campaigns.

First off, make sure to plan ahead. This may seem like an obvious one, but having a stash of fundraising e-mails ready to go for end-of-quarter will alleviate a ton of stress. The ability to tell a candidate that there are e-mails ready and all they have to do is press send will calm their nerves quite a bit. Plus, you don’t run the risk of getting burnt out of e-mail ideas right before the end of the quarter.

To build off that, always make sure to write in advance. NGP Van has worked with hundreds of campaigns and the most successful ones tend to have e-mail strategists working weeks in advance. Not only will your e-mails have a more organic feel, you won’t be feeling that dreaded, sinking feeling of knowing you need to come up with content out of thin air.

Thirdly, organization is obviously difficult to pull off on the long hours of a political campaign. But taking even just an hour to slap together a master “End-of-Quarter” calendar will do wonders for your campaign (and your sanity!).

Last but not least, make sure to give yourself a little bit of a celebration once the quarter is over. Take it from the folks at NGP Van, who offer free beer to employees at the end of the day on Friday’s, a campaign staff that feels appreciated will be willing to go the extra mile for you again and again.

These tips from NGP Van are truly coming from the best of the best. With dozens of employees and a relatively new MiniVan program that allows canvassers to use their phone or tablet, NGP Van can truly be the missing piece in your campaign.

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How Desiree Perez Has Succeeded As A Tough Negotiator

For almost two decades Desiree Perez has been a business leader. She has run SC Enterprises as one of its top executives and has been heavily involved in the companies that the musician Jay Z has launched. Among her many successes is turning around his online music service, Tidal. The app was floundering when she got involved. She signed exclusive deals with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna which got far more people interested in downloading the app. Since she got involved around 1 million people have become trial members, for instance.

Desiree Perez is mostly known in the industry for two things. First, she almost has a computer for a brain when it comes to crunching numbers. Second, she is a very tough negotiator who represents her side of any business dealing extremely well. When Beyoncé held her tour in support of her Formation record, for example, Desiree Perez handled the negotiations. She also played a major role in the deal between Rihanna’s tour that was sponsored by Samsung.

The Hova Circle of Influence is a collection of individuals that operate Roc Nation. Desiree Perez is one of just five people that are part of this circle. At Roc Nation, Desiree Perez is involved in every facet of the company including publishing, labeling, and overall management. Her official title is chief operating officer.

Jay Z recently signed a new deal with Live Nation in order to support his concert tours. The deal is for 10 years and it is worth $200 million. Desiree Perez was the one that drove this deal between these two parties. The result of her work is that Jay Z is having the most successful tour of his career with revenues up 21%.

Desiree Perez Has Helped Jay-Z To Succeed

Desiree Perez has been in the music industry for many years. She is employed at Roc Nation, and she’s part of the Hova Circle Of Influence. The Hova Circle Of Influence plays an important role in the management of Tidal and Roc Nation. She is the chief operating officer at Roc Nation, and she worked for the company since 2009.

She helped many musicians launch a successful career. She has had an especially strong influence on the career of Jay-Z. In fact, she is often referred to as Jay-Z’s secret weapon. She has been working with Jay-Z for over two decades. However, she tries to keep her life out of the public eye. As a result, most people haven’t heard a lot about her.

The Background Of Desiree Perez:

Desiree Perez is 47 years old. She also has worked with Rihanna and Beyonce. She is well-known in the music industry for being an exceptionally talented negotiator.

Jay-Z’s Most Recent Album:

Jay-Z released a new album called 4:44. This album was 21 percent more successful than his Magna Carta album. One of the main reasons for the success of his new album is the fact that Desiree Perez is exceptionally skilled at marketing. His new album has led to a 200 million dollar deal with Live Nation. The deal was announced in January, 2017.

Sprint made it possible for people to download free music around the time that his new album was released. This led to a considerable increase in the popularity of the album.

Furthermore, 4:44 caused Jay-Z to win a platinum award. Due to the free music download that Sprint offered, he was able to receive the plaque for the award before his new album hit the shelves.

What Is Tidal?

Tidal is a music app that allows musicians to offer their music online. The app lets customers download songs conveniently.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Continues Leading Bradesco To Glory

Throughout much of the history of Latin America, the monopoly has played a dualistic and outsize role that makes it as much an integral part of the modern social and political landscape as, perhaps, any other institution.

While most people in highly developed countries reflexively view monopolies as a net social cost, throughout the developing world of Latin America, their role has been far more ambiguous. In countries where there still is not modern, basic infrastructure throughout much of the territory, monopolies have played a role in bringing primitive and benighted people’s out of the darkness of pre-industrial living conditions and into the modern era according to

There certainly is no final verdict on the whether or not the Latin American monopoly has been a net benefit or cost to the societies in which it was installed, and it would be foolish to proclaim that all the good things that modernity has brought to the region more than offset the terrible price that was, at times, exacted on the local population. But there can be no doubt that, at least in certain instances, monopolistic enterprise provided the fastest way forwards for peoples and countries that were hopelessly mired in darkness and savagery.

Examples include the United Fruit Company, which brought widespread economic prosperity throughout much of deeply impoverished Central America, while also bringing methods of sustainable farming to the region. International Telephone and Telegraph is an example of a company that brought first-world communications infrastructure to much of South America, at a time when the majority of its residents throughout Peru, Colombia and Venezuela had never even used a telephone. Telmex is another example of a communications firm with an iron grip monopoly over its markets that, nevertheless, was able to spread modern communications infrastructure to the extent that, today, Mexico frequently ranks as having some of the best internet service anywhere in the world.


Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco seeking to make Bradesco a Monopoly

So when we turn to the case of Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil, we cannot be so quick to dismiss as an automatic net negative the apparent aspirations of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as CEO to turn his bank, Bradesco, into the unquestioned monopoly of the Brazilian banking space.

Already, it is clear that Bradesco has done a great deal of good for the state of Sao Paulo and the country as a whole. Through its intense campaigns to raise technological awareness and its rollout of some of the most innovative internet banking platforms in all of Latin America, Bradesco has brought more than half of its 27 million clients online. This is a remarkable achievement for a company operating in a country that, just a decade ago, was populated by a population of which more than three quarters barely knew how to use a computer.

Bradesco has also been able to drive down the prices of banking services throughout its many markets. This has especially been true since it began its concerted effort to undermine the market share of chief rival Itau Unibanco. Seeking to undercut Itau Unicanco in all of its markets, Bradesco has been following a Rockefeller-like strategy of running everyone who it cannot buy out of business.

Whether or not this proves to be a successful strategy in the long run has yet to be seen. However, Trabuco has proven himself to be a formidable businessman, turning nearly everything he has touched throughout his career to pure gold. If he can pull off making Bradesco the number-one, uncontested champion of the Brazilian banking market, the prize could be the largest ever reaped by a Latin American financial institution.

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