Around The Corner and Around The World: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a part of the OSI Group. The company is responsible for the processing and packing of meat and other products for the food service industry. The company began in 1909 as Otto and Sons. Over the years the company steadily grew and in the 1950s the company was the best meat processor for the burger chain McDonald’s. Over the next couple of decades, new processes came into being that made the process of freezing and processing meat much easier. Now the company has begun to make an impact on a worldwide as well as a local basis.

The first thing that OSI Food Solutions did was to work on a local scale. The company bought a Tyson Food plant in 2016 for a little more than seven million dollars. This means that the company can provide work for local people and the food processing facility is close to other OSI properties. This will make it much easier for the company to get local food out to customers in a quick fashion and provide jobs for local people.OSI Food Solutions has also expanded in the European and British markets as well. The European market was next on the list. Later on, in 2016, OSI bought a Dutch company known as Baho Foods.

This purchase allowed the company to get a leg up in the European market.Baho Foods is known for convenience food and snacks for the retail and service markets. OSi can now have a presence in the European market and deliver quality brand product to their clients.The last thing that OSI Food Solutions did was buy Flagship Europe. This allows the company to cater directly to the British market with frozen food, sauces, and mayonnaise. This helps the company continue to have a presence all over the world and the United States.OSI Food Solutions is making not only an impact in the local cities that they serve but they are making a positive impression around the world as well. By making and delivering high quality food for a low cost the company will stay well ahead of the competition.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Breast Augmentation Process

If you are a woman looking to get enhancements done to your body, you have options. If cosmetic surgery is what you are looking for and you do not feel comfortable talking to a man about it, there are women who specialize in plastic surgery. If you live in Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the one you want to see. She can understand your plight better because she is female and can help you find the right solution that will fit your body and give you the best results.

When becoming a candidate for the breast augmentation process, you have to understand a few things. There are two types of implants you can use. Saline is one while silicone is the other. Both are safe and you will find yourself liking the results afterward. You need a thorough exam to determine what your health risks are. If you smoke or have any other habits that will not cause your surgery to go well, it would not be wise to carry on the surgery. However, if you are healthy and just want to perk your breast back up after breastfeeding all of your children. You can look your best again and enjoy it. Who says you can’t be a hot mama just because you have children? The cool thing is that Dr. Walden is not judgemental because she has used some the services herself.

If you are looking to get breast augmentation done, Dr. Walden is the cosmetic surgeon of choice. She will have you liking beautiful again and you are going love what you see. The surgery is minimally evasive. Most of the inserts are under the breast area and has less scarring. This is a good thing as you do not want is unsightly scars appearing with your beautiful look. Dr. Walden is a pro when it comes to this surgery, so give her a call and let her help you achieve the look you want. You will not regret it, and you will see why so many women love her work. Make your appointment right now.

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The Basics Of Entrepreneurship Success By Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has established himself as one of the most successful business persons in Brazil. His investments include CVC–a tour company–and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Paulus’ skills in entrepreneurship have enabled his tour company to gain global recognition as the largest and most efficient tour operator in South America. He has contributed to the community significantly through the creation of employment to many people.

Guilherme Paulus is always grateful to his accomplishments and acknowledges that strategic planning and scheduling of activities helps him to evaluate his opportunities and make informed decisions on the things to prioritize. He attributes his success in entrepreneurship to having great desire to implement his ideas without the fear of speculation.

Guilherme Paulus also stresses the merits of technology and internet in the current world of business. He says that technology has helped the business people to understand consumer tastes and preferences well and, hence, they can cope with the new trends to meet the consumers’ demands. The successful businessman advises new entrants in business to seek sufficient information about the management of companies from professionals to have a clear roadmap in setting a successful enterprise.

Guilherme attributes his success in entrepreneurship to the zeal, passion, and motivation he had to satisfy his customers’ needs and wants. His careful analysis of the marketing strategies to utilize has also helped him significantly while also conducting market research using the latest technology. Guilherme values the idea of corporate social responsibility. He has led his company in giving back to the society through the provision of sponsorship to children. The PIET project sponsored by his company also promotes education through the provision of education scholarship to disadvantaged youths with the passion for working in the hospitality industry.

Guilherme Paulus is globally recognized as an outstanding professional in the world of business. He has earned recognition from various stakeholders in the tourism sector including the government of Brazil. Guilherme plans to expand the operations of CVC and hotel resorts to reach many customers. The president of CVC announced recently the purchase of two tour companies in Argentina to scale up sales revenue and expand operations in South America. The acquisition of the two companies lists CVC among the top five tour companies in Argentina.

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OSI Group a Giant in the Food Processing Industry

OSI Group is a world-renowned privately held food manufacturing and food processing company. The firm was founded a century ago 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. The Aurora Chicago based firm just like any other startup business had humble beginnings. The firm started as a tiny butcher shop in Chicago USA under the name Otto and Sons. OSI in a span of over 100 years has grown to be one of the most sought-after suppliers of food and quality meat products not only in the US but worldwide. The firm has expanded to more than 17 countries and operates over 65 facilities globally. In addition, the firm has provided direct and indirect employment to more than 20,000 individuals.

OSI attributes all its success to the firm’s commitment to food safety and sustainable green practices.OSI success story began in the year 1955 when the firm landed a major deal from the McDonald’s. OSI was chosen to be McDonald’s a leading supplier of processed meat. The McDonalds is a fast food chain of restaurants that are famously known for providing high-quality, delicious hamburgers among other fast foods. In the year 1970 Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as CEO and ever since then he has helped steer the company into new horizons. OSI under the leadership of Lavin has made several new local and international acquisitions.OSI Group expansion strategy is led by the firm’s Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by the firm’s President Mr. David McDonald.

Under the guidance of the two leaders, according to OSI in the recent past has made seven new acquisitions. According to Mr. McDonald OSI is not only focused on expanding its production capacity through the purchase of new facilities, but it is also committed to widening the client base. In line with the company vision of broadening the client base, the firm is now focusing on the production of a wide variety of products that clients’ desire and are healthy, natural and organic. OSI Group new acquisitions include the Chicago based 200,000 square feet Tyson Food Plant, the Dutch-based leading supplier of deli meat Baho Foods and Flagship Europe among others.

The Rebirth of Papa John’s Pizza Company

Trust of the customers is the key to a business’ success. To win back the customers requires a lot. Rebranding the services offered in a company is vital when it loses its customers. Good relations with employee have a positive impact on the customers’ feelings. Steve Ritchie assured an improvement after a decline in the store sales, profit, and the earning from the shares. Despite Papa John’s Pizza Company continues facing challenges, Steve Ritchie is optimistic and will take advantage of the opportunity ahead.

Steve Ritchie, the new Papa John’s CEO, stated that the perception of the customers is changing to positive side according to the data from the research that was done in September. The pizza-based company has managed to open three hundred stores in the previous year. This is a 10% increase in total international sales despite a sharp decline in the North America store sales.

The Louisville based Pizza Company is focusing on appointing the new executive. Steve Ritchie said it would help to get back and fully focus on its customers. Papa John Company has added the duties and the responsibilities. These duties are primarily centered on the customers’ interest. Steve Ritchie’s core focus is to ensure customers’ satisfaction is meant.

The new executive will also ensure the company is embracing the sophisticated technology, the customer taste, and preference, branding of the product through innovation and menu strategy. Steve Ritchie has said that the company has five strategic priorities to regain its glory. The company will focus on promoting their product by emphasizing the need for the consumer to buy their unique product by publishing quality new stories to reach them.

Lowering the price of the pizza will make it available to more customers and penetrate the market. Steve Ritchie said advancement in technology, digital sales, and operational efficiency would rise. The Louisville pizza company’s economic unit improvement through making changes in store will improve the efficiency and revenue. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s said they would continue to invest in their employees to attract and retain them. Steve Ritchie is determined to move the pizza company forward.

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Felipe Montoro Jens’ Insights on Sustainable Projects

Internationally, Brazil has the 7th largest economy in the world and the first in Latin America. The CEO of Odebrecht Properties, Felipe Montoro Jens, has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The CEO has outlined efforts in the well-utilization of public-private partnerships for the implementation of projects and work across the South-American country. Pernambuco, Bahia, and Maranhao have been amongst the ones who have utilized their cash resources and time to invest in their projects. For example, Maranhao strives at building four projects by the onset of the year 2019 while Bahia currently works on constructing a public-privately owned Light Rail Vehicle by the end of 2030. This project will positively impact the lives of 1 million people across the country. Apart from that Felipe Montoro talked about the planned internet connectivity in Piaui. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Currently, there is a fiber optic cables installation project in the country. The project also seeks to install 1500 access points across Brazil. The access points will provide internet connectivity to 2 million people in the country. Several international organizations like the World and Inter-American Banks have come together to fund the projects in the country.

Over the last few years, the country has witnessed economic crises. Felipe Montoro Jens has reviewed and reported on some of the infrastructure projects in the nation. However, there are other projects whose executions have failed. Mostly, economic issues are the reasons behind these failures.

The CEO has taken up critical roles in some of the global institutions like Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Enron. His skills and work ethics have allowed him to help these companies grow. As witnessed, he has shown interests in working with large-scale projects to improve the economy of the country and the lives of Brazilians. His use of cost-effective solutions for problems has helped the companies he has served compete in the business field.



Brian Torchin And His Career

Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC. HCRC specializes in staffing hospitals, private practices, chiropractic offices, physician offices, and first response companies with dependable employees based on a company’s needs. It’s not just a major resource for company’s, but it’s also designed to help qualified individuals. In an extremely competitive job market, HCRC is helping educated and dependable individuals to find gainful employment opportunities. Particularly, HCRC helps supply company’s with front office personnel. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Companies that use HCRC can expect to have a qualified and dependable employee that was extensively screened provided when they ask for the service. With the high turnover rate in the medical field and the importance of the work being done, it’s incredibly important to have quality employees on time. To ensure companies aren’t left without employees for too long after enlisting their services, HCRC promises to have a suitable employee available within 72 hours.

Brian Torchin came up with the idea for HCRC through his own years of experience in the medical field. Brian is a graduate of the University of Delaware. After majoring in the doctrine of exercise science, Brian graduated with a bachelor’s in pre-med science. After his time at the University of Delaware, Brian Torchin attended the New York Chiropractic College for three years.

Upon finishing his education, Brian went on to open his own practice. He ran his chiropractic office for some time before expanding and opening different offices along the east coast. Eventually, Brian decided to create HCRC to alleviate the hiring issues present in the medical industry.

Beyond the usual office tasks required of Brian Torchin, he also maintains a Twitter account. The account is particularly useful for qualified front office professionals and companies that need them. Brian consistently posts hiring notices for locations around the country and contact information so companies can contact him and his staff when needed.

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Rocketship Education’s Approach to Learning.

Rocketship Education is located in San Jose. The program entails a chain of schools that provide K-5 College and K-5 prep charter schools. The school consists of at least four hundred and fifty students in each Chatter according to the school’s records until 2012. This school has done well over the years until a while ago in the year 2016 where a critique raised a few strong questioned directed to the school’s credibility. The questions were focused on the educators and the heads of the schools, basically, the board of governors. There were questions about the teaching approaches. This specific issue was addressed by the school thus expressing that the educators are given the responsibility to grow leaders and make them not only good but good enough thus valuing each and every student. The issues raised by the critic involved:

  1. The Classroom Management

The question at hand was lack of bathroom breaks and enforced silent time. An educator is tasked with the responsibility of providing clear guidelines that govern the classroom. In order to produce good results, proper discipline should be maintained. There are clear policies addressing these practices and every school provides a different approach to routines, self-discipline, school culture to mention a few. Without these kinds of organizations and routines practiced at Rocketship Education, the classroom is subjected to chaos.

  1. The Use of Technology

The kind of Technology that is used is the giant in the room. That kind of Tech suits what kind of child. The issue has never been on the minutes, seconds or hours spent on the screen. The most critical part is what the student learns within the specified time frame. One of the programs under technology is providing a component instruction. This Involves the educator frequently using data to summon small groups thus customizing their teachings and saves on time. This approach enables the educator to reach every student including the neediest. This is just one of the methods at Rocketship Education and has proven effective.

  1. Intervention

This was another key question raised. The question at hand was whether uncertified teachers were coaching students through these programs. I think the real question at hand is how the teacher spends his or her time with the student. The role of a teacher according to Rocketship Education is pegged on each of their unique talents

Jeffrey Aronin Makes the Biotech Industry In Chicago MATTER

Chicago has become one of the top hubs for biotechnology in the United States and the city may have Jeffrey Aronin and MATTER to thank for part of it. Jeffrey Aronin founded MATTER 3 years ago with the mission to provide startups with what they need to solve problems in healthcare. By bringing together executives, investors, and experts in healthcare, these startups are able to connect with who they need and collaborate on projects that can advance the industry. MATTER wants to help innovation happen faster.


Jeffrey Aronin’s MATTER is based in the Merchandise Mart of Chicago in a 25,000 square foot office. The space was designed to facilitate the ideas and goals of MATTER. There are specialty healthcare environments, learning areas, meeting spaces, and workspace in the MATTER headquarters that are meant to collaboration and communication.


By creating a community of like-minded people, Jeffrey Aronin is inspiring innovators to solve the challenges presented in healthcare. In order to help the professionals involved with matter up to date on the newest changes in health, there are panels, speakers, and chats that take place regularly at MATTER. By providing these startups with access to the professionals in the MATTER network, they are being empowered to go after their visions and create solutions.


The founder of MATTER is one of the biggest influencers in the healthcare industry. Jeffrey Aronin has 25 years of experience that he brings to the table working in biotech and healthcare. He wants Chicago to do what it takes to lead the biotech industry into the future. Chicago already has an impressive network of universities, hospitals, and companies that will help it accomplish these goals.


Jeffrey Aronin is the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences in addition to his work with MATTER. Paragon is dedicated to developing novel treatments for illnesses without many options available. On the board of MATTER, Jeffrey Aronin serves as the co-chairman along with his duties as founder of the organization. For Aronin, seeing the difference that he is able to make in patients’ lives first-hand makes all of the hard work worth it.

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Betsy DeVos Is The Education Reformer That America Needs Right Now

Betsy DeVos was elevated to the role of Secretary of Education after being personally handpicked by President Donald Trump. As one of the most low-profile names in President Trump’s entire cabinet, which includes people like Ben Carson who was a former presidential candidate, Betsy DeVos is in a unique position where she has momentum by her side without a history of partisan attacks dragging her down. Now in Washington D.C. and confirmed by the Senate, Betsy DeVos is on a single-minded mission in order to reform public education forever. Let’s learn about Betsy DeVos, her work in education and what she plans to do for the country as a whole.


Coming into Washington D.C. by way of the 2016 Presidential Election meant that Betsy DeVos was going to be judged viciously by half of the country no matter what she did once in office. The partisan divide in America is bigger than ever and there is very little effort going toward bringing people together. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has never been the kind of person to back away from a challenge and she certainly isn’t going to let a hostile work environment prevent her from doing the job that she has been dreaming about her entire life. Betsy DeVos was born and raised as a staunch reformer and she has been handed the single most important job in the country for making her dreams become a reality.


As a devout woman of faith, DeVos was raised in a family that prided itself on the core tenets of religion and conservative ideology. She was raised her entire life with the mindset that, one day, she was going to be put into a situation where she could improve the world and leave it better than when she was born. For that reason, DeVos committed herself to education reformation at a fairly young age. In fact, DeVos has spent the past thirty years or so working hard to bring a revolution to the world of education. How has she done this? We’re glad that you asked.


Betsy DeVos, along with her husband Dick DeVos, have been prominent members of Michigan’s Republican party for decades. They’ve supported GOP campaigns and donated to the cause while also rallying around education reformation. The way that Betsy DeVos wants to change education is simple: she wants to make school choice a reality. By embracing school choice, and thus changing public education forever, Betsy DeVos has a chance to help future generations to come.


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