The Rebirth of Papa John’s Pizza Company

Trust of the customers is the key to a business’ success. To win back the customers requires a lot. Rebranding the services offered in a company is vital when it loses its customers. Good relations with employee have a positive impact on the customers’ feelings. Steve Ritchie assured an improvement after a decline in the store sales, profit, and the earning from the shares. Despite Papa John’s Pizza Company continues facing challenges, Steve Ritchie is optimistic and will take advantage of the opportunity ahead.

Steve Ritchie, the new Papa John’s CEO, stated that the perception of the customers is changing to positive side according to the data from the research that was done in September. The pizza-based company has managed to open three hundred stores in the previous year. This is a 10% increase in total international sales despite a sharp decline in the North America store sales.

The Louisville based Pizza Company is focusing on appointing the new executive. Steve Ritchie said it would help to get back and fully focus on its customers. Papa John Company has added the duties and the responsibilities. These duties are primarily centered on the customers’ interest. Steve Ritchie’s core focus is to ensure customers’ satisfaction is meant.

The new executive will also ensure the company is embracing the sophisticated technology, the customer taste, and preference, branding of the product through innovation and menu strategy. Steve Ritchie has said that the company has five strategic priorities to regain its glory. The company will focus on promoting their product by emphasizing the need for the consumer to buy their unique product by publishing quality new stories to reach them.

Lowering the price of the pizza will make it available to more customers and penetrate the market. Steve Ritchie said advancement in technology, digital sales, and operational efficiency would rise. The Louisville pizza company’s economic unit improvement through making changes in store will improve the efficiency and revenue. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s said they would continue to invest in their employees to attract and retain them. Steve Ritchie is determined to move the pizza company forward.

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