Brian Torchin And His Career

Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC. HCRC specializes in staffing hospitals, private practices, chiropractic offices, physician offices, and first response companies with dependable employees based on a company’s needs. It’s not just a major resource for company’s, but it’s also designed to help qualified individuals. In an extremely competitive job market, HCRC is helping educated and dependable individuals to find gainful employment opportunities. Particularly, HCRC helps supply company’s with front office personnel. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Companies that use HCRC can expect to have a qualified and dependable employee that was extensively screened provided when they ask for the service. With the high turnover rate in the medical field and the importance of the work being done, it’s incredibly important to have quality employees on time. To ensure companies aren’t left without employees for too long after enlisting their services, HCRC promises to have a suitable employee available within 72 hours.

Brian Torchin came up with the idea for HCRC through his own years of experience in the medical field. Brian is a graduate of the University of Delaware. After majoring in the doctrine of exercise science, Brian graduated with a bachelor’s in pre-med science. After his time at the University of Delaware, Brian Torchin attended the New York Chiropractic College for three years.

Upon finishing his education, Brian went on to open his own practice. He ran his chiropractic office for some time before expanding and opening different offices along the east coast. Eventually, Brian decided to create HCRC to alleviate the hiring issues present in the medical industry.

Beyond the usual office tasks required of Brian Torchin, he also maintains a Twitter account. The account is particularly useful for qualified front office professionals and companies that need them. Brian consistently posts hiring notices for locations around the country and contact information so companies can contact him and his staff when needed.

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