Leadership and Investment Skills from Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the most successful global business leaders. Currently, he serves as the co-chairman and principal of the Fortress Investment Group board of directors. He has been part of the board of directors of the group since 2006. From 2002, Peter Briger has also been part of the Management Committee. He is charged with coordinating the real estate and credit businesses of the investment firm. In 2017, Pete was elected as the CEO of the group. Through his leadership, he has pushed the operations of the group into new sectors and regions. The group has ventures in both the energy and the real estate sectors.

Before joining the investment firm in 2002, Peter Briger had worked for fifteen years in Goldman and Sachs where he was a partner since 1996. He served as a hedge fund manager and attained essential skills that have been used in creating innovative products and services. He attained the leadership and investment skills from both the University of Pennsylvania and the Princeton University. Peter Briger has successfully managed the physical and financial assets of the group thus placing it on a global map. The Fortress Investment Group is credited with having a positive organizational culture that upholds the rights and interests of all workers. To know more about him click here.

Peter Briger Participation in Philanthropic Activities

Other than overseeing the success of different investment groups, Briger is keen on positively transforming the society. He is committed to empowering economically disadvantaged families and ensuring that learners have access to education facilities. He sits in the board of the Caliber Schools that train students on leadership and investment strategies. Briger also acts as the director of the Tipping Point organization. The organization offers economic empowerment to low-income earners in San Francisco. The investor also makes contributions to the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Funds. The funds serve to aid graduates who wish to venture in business. His commitment and innovation have seen him being placed in the 317th position of the Forbes Billionaire list. Not only has he improved the operations of the Fortress Investment Group, but he has also improved the quality of life of many individuals.

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