Collaboration and Client-First Approaches Get Infinity Group AFR Award

The Australian finance and economic newspaper Australian Financial Review has published its seventh annual list of Australia’s most innovative companies. Every year, the Australian Financial Review takes into consideration thousands of companies all around Australia and New Zealand and picks 100 of them to publish on their list. Being on the AFL’s list is considered an honor and an outstanding achievement due to a large number of companies you would have to beat out to snag a spot on the list. The AFR reaches about 2 billion people, so being on the list can also garner a company some much appreciated and useful exposure.

One of the outstanding companies that made the list at spot 58 for 2018 is mortgage broker Infinity Group. Infinity Group was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm, who thought that Australians needed a bit of a push in the right directions when it came to financial education and took it upon himself and his company to educate and assist Australians with reducing their debt and paying off their homes.

Infinity Group Australia reviews are off the charts. They boast a 100% customer satisfaction rate and Holm attributes this to Inifyt Group’s client-first approach. Infinity Group takes a client’s success as their own, so they work as a team to make sure their clients succeed in paying off their loans. Infinity Group not only lends its clients their home loans but once they have taken out said loans, they set up the client with what they call a “financial coach” who looks over their finances and breaks down their income in the most efficient way possible in order to quickly make payments on any kind of debt the household has. This method has led to clients being able to make considerable progress in paying off their homes and reducing their debt.

Holm states that Infinity Group was built on the idea of collaboration, which is why he highly emphasizes this in the workplace. the atmosphere of collaboration has helped Infinity Group’s clients succeed more than they would have at their other banks. In fact, most Infinity Group clients are able to make bigger payments to mortgage loans lent out by Infinity Group than any other bank, leading clients to pay off their homes faster than anyone could have expected. This is helping young people stay debt free and opens up significant spending potential for Australians in their 30s. Learn more:

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