NGP VAN and Political Campaigns

In 2016’s federal election, $6.4 billion was used by political parties and candidates on their campaigns. All this amount was used as an investment in the hope that it will persuade voters to elect them and hence pay back their money. In addition to this, volunteer people offer hundreds of their hours to ensure successful campaigning.

The most common way of campaigning is the door-to-door outreach through canvassing. What canvassers do is to knock from one door to another trying to persuade voters to get active. Some voters will not spare their time to go and vote. This is the type of most Americans according to canvassers. Campaign staff during close elections must be careful about how they allocate the campaigning funds. Door-to-door outreach by canvassing is meant to ensure that voters come out during the voting day and vote as well as encouraging new ones to show up. Every coin in campaigns matter and candidates strongly depend on the canvassing operation to bring more voters from their opponents.

Challenges Facing Canvassing

Online platforms and social media have significantly affected how people communicate as well as socialize. This fact calls for campaign staff to keep abreast of what is taking place on social media as well as its changing trends. In addition to this, campaigners must deal with the increasing sense of sharp bias in voter bases across the country. Over the year, the number of those voters who would vote for two parties at the same time has decreased.

Even though canvassing is universal in the political scene in America, some politicians have wanted to know the general effectiveness of canvassing when it comes to persuading voters. Considering the amount that politicians part with to go to canvassing, some political analysts want to understand whether canvassing is the most efficient way to involve the public when it comes to the political process. According to political scientists, canvassing can only persuade people to come out and vote, but it cannot make people change their minds on who they want to vote.

NDO VASN is located in Washington DC. The software organization offers tools for planning and fundraising for progressive campaigns. Most democratic and progressive campaigns use NGP VAN including presidential campaigns for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Moreover, the company offers the same services to local governments, nonprofits organizations as well as other. Just recently, NGP VAN organized “Day Without a Woman” in celebration of female workers and giving back to organizations in DC that support women.

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