Sightsavers Have Become The Guardian Angels of Eyesight

UK based charity is helping people all over the world recover or retains their eyesight whether it’s from cataracts or physical injury Sightsavers has been successful in caring for those who are losing their sense of sight. Their primary goal is to solve all preventable causes of blindness and offer proper support for those who cannot have their sight restored, but still need to retain some independence.

Sightsavers has found that with thirty-nine million blind people across the world around eighty percent of those people could have prevented their blindness with proper care that would have been low-cost. Sightsavers has successfully treated two-hundred million people over the course of sixty years performing seven-million operations to save patients sight.

Each year one hundred-fifty thousand primary care workers are trained every year form volunteers and specialists to cataracts surgeons that work towards a common goal in over thirty countries. People in remote areas are also considered along with the poorest of the poor as they need aid more than anyone else. Health teams are sent to these areas to do eye exams in order to diagnose and treat people in larger numbers and help as many as possible.

When holding these exams patients are checked for cataracts (cloudy pupils) and trachoma, a condition which causes the eyelids to turn inward making eyelashes scratch the eye and can be painful for those afflicted. These health teams are able to diagnose patients during their eye exams and quickly get those in need to a hospital where they are able to get the procedures they need to retain or save their eyesight.

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In Africa, community volunteers are trained by Sightsavers partners to distribute medication, Mectizan which protects against river blindness resulting from being bitten by black flies. Those volunteers are taught how to properly determine dosage and keep a record of how much is administered to who. The last part of volunteer training involves spread information about eye care to their community.


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